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"As the child of a musician some of Lady Fingaz earliest memories revolve around the stage, taking in her father's gigs, and often sitting in to sing with the band. From this musical beginning she began studying piano at an early age and in her teenage years would soon discover and enthrall herself into the art of djing and turntablism. Soon this Austin, Texas native found her element better known as dj/turntablist, producer and vocalist Lady Fingaz. Moving to New Orleans in 2001 she continued perfecting her mixes and cuts, the basics of turntablism and production all while earning two business degrees at UNO. 


It was in New Orleans where she would quickly make a name for herself as a rising DJ talent in an all too often male dominated genre. In 2004 Offbeat’s Best of the Beat Awards honored her with Best Emerging Hip-Hop Artist for her accomplishments throughout New Orleans.  In 2006 Lady Fingaz joined the collective Females Wit Funk, which featured the top female turntablists from around the world. Following the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, Lady Fingaz relocated to San Francisco, CA furthering her solo pursuit and joining forces with the all female super group Femme Deadly Venoms. In 2010 Lady Fingaz and her crew FDV placed second in the U.S.A. Team DMC competition. 


She was the first DJ to ever perform inside the Jazz Tent at the 2016 New Orleans Jazz Fest alongside the grammy award winning Nicholas Payton. Lady Fingaz is the touring Dj for Nicholas Payton's project, Afro-Caribbean Mixtape.  Thanks to her father’s vast knowledge of Funk, Jazz, Soul, Blues, and Rock Lady Fingaz’s production of Hip-Hop and Dance Music reflects that always incorporating her soulful voice and turntablism into every piece. As a Dj, she mixes a variety of genres accompanied by an array of show stopping turntablism and live production this southern belle knows how to rock a party!" 

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